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Patron of Initiatives Message
Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum 
Justice is the basis of Governance was not merely a motto that Dubai’s founding forefathers used to flatter themselves with; rather it was a reality they lived. Such reality manifested itself in a race against time to rise above challenges and difficulties to lay the foundations for Dubai’s new judicial system. Starting with the Naif Castle as the headquarters for the Dubai House of Justice in 1958, such efforts later culminated in the establishment of the Dubai Court of Cassation in 1988

Why Take Initiatives?
The outcomes across the educational outcomes of Law faculties in the UAE and the Arab world have been suffering unsatisfying results due to the lack of criteria for the selection of college students and the absence of personality and mental ability tests, in addition to the part-time system applied in some of these faculties.
Since the mere studying of law is not enough by itself to make real judges and since Emiratisation is a strategic requirement that cannot be achieved hastily without a self of strict guidelines and principles; the initiatives of Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Judicial Council, were initiated with an aim to train and develop a qualified and skillful national cadre of law students in the UAE.
The diversity of the initiatives programs carter for the needs of today’s law graduate who will be a judge in the future. A person who might be carrying out one of the toughest and most vital professions known to mankind, one that demands exceptional mental and personal qualification, along with an insatiable passion for learning, a ceaseless drive to read and a great amount of academic experience. Dubai Courts prides itself on its strict respect and compliance with both the world and spirit of the law, abiding by internationally accepted rules pertaining to procedures, guarantees and degrees of litigation, and matching the finest courts in Europe, North America and the countries of the developed world.
About Initiatives
Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Initiatives for Legal Excellence were initiated to create a legally well versed generation, enhance capabilities of persons engaged in the judicial field, and motivate pioneering in legal works. These initiatives are the first of their kind in the United Arab Emirates, which address different categories related to the legal and judicial community. The initiatives are considered a platform to launch various pioneering programs in every aspect of the legal and judicial fields.

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