Dubai International Financial Centre Courts Academy is an educational initiates aim to train lawyers in the UAE who are seeking to gain a better understanding of DIFC Courts law and procedures. Participants will have the benefit of the knowledge and experience of leading common law practitioners who regularly pursue applications and appear before the DIFC courts. A certificate will be given following completion of the course.
The academy’s initial objective is to train participants through two main modules:
    Module A – DIFC Courts Laws This module consists of three sessions:
  • Introduction To DIFC Courts Laws.
  • Laws Related To Companies.
  • Laws Related To Contracts.

    Module B – DIFC Courts Laws This module consists of seven sessions:
  • Filling A Claim And Case Management.
  • Seeking Interim Relief Including Injunction.
  • Disclosure.
  • Witness And Experts Evidence.
  • Trial.
  • Costs.
  • Enforcement.
The academy will be run in English and will take place at the DIFC courts premises. Participants will be given course materials and access to Westlaw UK (an online database of English statute and case-law) for the duration of the program. A number of the courses will be able to be followed remotely, using the Webex facility.